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31 Day Challenge: Day Eleven


These are a few of my favorite things!

  1. My mother
  2. My senior dog, Lana
  3. My snuggly dog, Starling
  4. My giant red and white polka dot coffee cup (that is too big to actually drink out of, so I use it as a pen holder) #officelewks.  Real talk though, it is like the only decorative thing I have in my office and it makes it a little brighter.
  5. Matte (liquid) lipsticks
  6. Starbucks iced coffees
  7. My DSLR, which will hopefully get more activity this month
  8. Mexican food (but like good Mexican food that doesn’t exist in Champaign)
  9. My MacBook, which has somehow withstood all the dropping and mistreatment I’ve delivered since 2015
  10. Apple cider donuts
  11. Corn mazes
  12. Apple orchards
  13. The month of October #basic
  14. Coco, the Disney movie.  So my friends all love Halloween and I’ve always been pretty anti.  Somehow, Coco kind of changed that for me.  Besides it being an amazing movie that still makes me cry, it has made me appreciate some aspects of Halloween, like sugar skulls and dead people.
  15. The #MeToo Movement.  I obviously dislike how practically it feels like it’s screaming at a wall, but I think it’s provided survivors an opportunity to feel empowered and to share their stories in a safer environment than before.  Society obviously still has a long ways to go and none of it fixes the trauma, but it is something where there was previously nothing.

Let’s ignore the fact that it took me months to get to this one.  Twenty days to go!


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31 Day Challenge: Day Ten


Good.  Question.

I suppose it is my hair.  Non-Dominican people always compliment me on my hair and say they wish they had hair like mine.  I would not necessarily call it my best since I have a lot of opinions about my hair, aka “the beast.”  However, I do appreciate how it does not look super dirty when it is, in fact, pure filth (see Finals Season 2017). I put a lot of work into having my hair the way that I do, though it might not look like it at the end of the day (to me).  I’m still working on growing healthier and stronger hair, but I have also tabled that issue until after law school… I just hope the stress of this last semester doesn’t make me go bald.

Here’s my hair and the dog that doesn’t run away from the camera (Starling)!



That’s all I got for now.

~ M

PS – I am going to pretend I did not take a month long hiatus.

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31 Day Challenge: Day Nine


This is beyond easy to answer.  I bite my nails!

The fancy term for it is psycho-motor agitation.  I am an agitated person that abuses caffeine.  My favorite reaction to someone seeing my nails is “Oh my god, how stressed are you?!”  I don’t think I’m actually stressed… I think I’m just bored, which isn’t much better.

I’ve tried nail polish, I’ve tried acrylics (which actually worked, but I could barely use a pencil with the long nails), I’ve tried hot sauce, and the most recent one was press-on nails.  Nothing really stops it.  It’s a 28 year old habit that I want to get rid of more than anything.

If anyone has tips, let me know!

~ M


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31 Day Challenge: Day Eight


I don’t have a handbag, but I have a wristlet that holds my entire life.  I started using a wristlet over the summer.  I needed something small to hold my important items and take with me to court in case we get locked out of the office.  As time passed, it became my pencil case, my purse, my life.

So what is in the wristlet?

One blue ballpoint pen (from my previous paralegal life)
Six gel ink pen (one being black)
One felt tip pen (black)
Three mechanical pencils (WTF are those doing in there?)
One purple LexisNexis highlighter
One Sharpie

A small mirror that used to be the mirror on the sun visor in my old car
One lip balm from Wet n’ Wild
One Kat Von D liquid lipstick

Four dollars
One debit card
One credit card
Driver’s license
711 License
Clinic business cards

Two Espresso Royale punch cards
One Graham’s punch card
One coupon for a free drink at Espresso (because they booted me and a friend out of our seats one day)

That’s a lot of stuff! Soon it will have my AAA card because I keep having car troubles.  Keeping it in my real wallet isn’t working out anymore, especially in this town.  That’s all for now–barely made the post in time.

~ M

31 Day Challenge · Everyday Life · Law School - 3L

31 Day Challenge: Day Seven


I’m not entirely sure what “pet hates” are. I’m assuming that they are pet peeves to an increased degree of agitation. I have many, but I will list two big ones.

One in particular is not using the turn signal. I just don’t see why people don’t use it. It’s literally there to prevent accidents and to keep from wasting other people’s time. I could have turned if I’d have known you were turning. I would have let you into my lane with room if you’d have turned on your signal. It’s right by your hands! Why not use it?

I suppose another pet hate would be when people will not be upfront and honest.  That sounds a little preachy, but I include stupid things like saying you like something when you don’t.  I am a very honest and kinda blunt person and I would prefer that people are the same to me. I don’t understand the purpose of keeping things internalized and lettting it fester into something nasty or causing drama when there really doesn’t need to be.  When there is a problem, why not express it so that we can work something out?  It seems counter-intuitive to me to keep it in.

Another thing that frustrates me about people not being upfront and honest is that I am not a good person at picking up cues.  See, I grew up a lonely kid, which means my social people skills/cues tend to be lacking a smidge. Sometimes I do not pick up what someone is putting down, so people need to actually express themselves.  A lot of people expect me to just “get” things or “read the room.”  I cannot read the room and I am not the only one. Not everyone needs to accommodate to me, but I think this is a bigger picture issue.  When people speak up, no one else left guessing and there is less room for misinterpretation, especially if there’s a conversation.

So that is the quick way of making me flare up in fury, for those interested.

~ M

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31 Day Challenge: Day Six


Sight: Right now I am looking at my computer screen, but I also have the computer angled so that I can see my awesome Christmas tree in the background.  My roommate and I made a silent decision to not take down our tree until we move out.  It’s probably one of the best decisions we’ve made.

Touch: I am touching my keyboard.  It’s a little hard to feel right now though.  My apartment is an icebox and my fingers are the first thing to freeze and go numb.

Smell:  We have a pumpkin spice air freshener.  No regrets.  Even then, my roommate got it for me 🙂 #basic

Hearing: I just finished the 10 favorite songs post, so I am listening to the rest of my “Found” playlist where I keep the songs I hear off the radio.

Taste: A venti blonde roast from Starbucks that is slowly cooling in this ice box apartment.

When I first read this post, I had no idea what it meant.  Luckily, I went to my source and found out.  That should be all the last minute uploading for today.  Until tomorrow!

~ M

31 Day Challenge · Everyday Life · Law School - 3L

31 Day Challenge: Day Five


I love doing this.  None of these songs are particularly hip or cool… or recent, but I love them more than I love myself.

  1. Dark Blue – Jack’s Mannequin
  2. Drunk on the Mic – Mickey Shiloh
  3. Wish I Knew You – The Revivalists
  4. Sit Next to Me – Foster the People
  5. 6 AM – Fitz and the Tantrums
  6. Mother, We Just Can’t Get Enough – New Radicals
  7. Es Tarde – Juanes
  8. Don’t – Bryson Tiller (shout out to my Maddogg)
  9. Mi Gente – J Balvin (either the original or Beyonce version is good in my book)
  10. Remember Me – Coco

I basically listen to the same songs on repeat.  New songs are collected while driving and I can’t use my phone and drive.  Sometimes I just forget what I heard, which is sad.  Hopefully I’m better about that in 2018.

~ M