Everyday Life

About Me:



Name: Marcie 

Residence: Chicago Suburbs, USA

Education: Bachelor’s Degree

Addictions: coffee, internet fictions, music, scarves, and more.

Interests: politics, culture, dance, art, quotes, american karaoke, economics, law, and more.

Why I’m Doing this:

Good question. My friend says I need to find a hobby and she suggested having a blog in order to get a direction, find a direction, maybe turn it into a new hobby. It was something and it was an idea that didn’t involve me feeling pathetic in my basement [she suggested netflixing yoga or dancing along with netflix]. So I decided to try it.

I’d blogged a little before. At my old college, I was a first-year blogger, writing about the first-year college experience and moving away from home. I also have a Tumblr, which my friend doesn’t consider a real blog.

But even on those, I couldn’t put super personal information on there. Of course the college one wasn’t for me to vent all my frustration and fears. It was to encourage people to COME to the university. On Tumblr, t would have been fine if only strangers followed me there, but there are people from my high school and college roommates following me. No, I was not going to spill my life turmoil over Tumblr when a fre-nemy of mine was following me. 

So, from this, I’m hoping to gain some kind of direction in life and… maybe even get some kind of “it’s okay, Marcie, you’re not the weird fuck everyone thinks you are.” Whether that actually happens, I’m not sure, but I’m feeling positive about it. 

Even if no one reads it. 

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