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Sad Things Saturday (it’s really not sad)

My friend has a post series on blogspot (which I will never use again for a reason unrelated to its service) where she posts five things on Friday (sometimes not Friday, but those are details); she calls it “Five Things Friday.” This is me copying her idea, but changing the name to Sad Things Saturday. It works. It was my first idea and I’m deciding to run with it. So, onward.

Sad Things Saturday:

1. I went to Panera today and skimmed some of my favorite coffee off of them before I left… I never drank it. I came home and took a nap. I proceeded to forget about it until 8pm. This happens too often. It makes me sad.

2. I fell asleep with my hair in a bun last night. Why is this sad? Because when my hair is up in a pony tail or bun or what-have-you for too long, it starts to tangle and mat at the scalp. So I had nice thick mats and giant tangles in my hair all day. This makes me sad.

3. There was a special savings deal going on at Old Navy today. I thought I would go since I had items to return and it was a very, very good special. I did not go. This makes me sad.

4. My favorite pajama bottoms are at the bottom of my laundry basket under very stinky clothes. Thus, I cannot justify taking them out to wear them tonight. I am sad about this.

5. I watched three Gilmore Girls episodes today. I only got to see one of the endings of those episodes. For the other two, I received no closure. It is both sad and dissatisfying.

6. Sometimes I forget that I have a tattoo. I work in a professional office and now the months are getting colder, so I don’t see it very often. At times, I get very surprised by my tattoo. I’ll either be in the shower or washing my hands and then go “Oh my god, my tattoo!” I have never heard of someone actually forgetting the existence of their one and only tattoo–a tattoo which this person obsessed over for years (5 to be exact). How sad is that?

I will stick with six, just to keep the fun alliteration going. I should probably link my blogspot friend, huh? 

4 thoughts on “Sad Things Saturday (it’s really not sad)

  1. Yay! I like this. I totally stole five things Fridays from other ppl, but thanks for mentioning me… Sorry about robbing you of Gilmore Girls closure…

  2. I have three tattoos and I tend to forget about all of them unless I’m actually looking at them. I used to get freaked out by the one on my ankle, thinking it was a bug, for a year or so after I got it.

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