Everyday Life

TMI Tuesday (even if it’s Wednesday)

Here’s a little too much information about yours truly. 

I have a pile of dust sitting in the middle of my room. My rooms seems to revolve around it–mostly because I don’t want to disturb it, lest the dust goes everywhere. I should get a dust pan, and I have tried to do as such… Apparently we only had one and I have a strong suspicion that the dog ate it.

I have a bruise on my leg that is starting to concern me. Normally, the most I would sorry about a bruise is the fact that I bruised in the first place. It is quite a difficult task for some reason. Not only did this leave a bruise, but I got this bruise in early April–maybe earlier than that. The bruise is still quite visible on my leg and it still hurts when I press on it. I am starting to get concerned. 

I don’t take out my contacts except to replace them with new ones that the end of every month. I tried to take them out every night, but it doesn’t work with my sleep pattern. I have to busy myself to sleep–I may be one of those people that gets cancer or something because I fell asleep with my computer on and open every night for years. 

I have to wash my hair today. I am not excited. 

Actually, any time I have to get under a shower head, I am not excited. I hate baths. I like beaches, oceans, and even lakes, but I hate baths and showers. I don’t even like bubble baths. The idea of my posterior touching a surface that has been touched by the suds and hair and dirt of a person (even myself) makes me cringe. No thank you.

Hopefully that wasn’t too boring for everyone. My Tuesday today was less interesting and more painful. Apparently switching from contacts to glasses, even for a day, is a headache-inducing and bruising experience. Rest assured, I will be back to my fully functional and contacted self for tomorrow.

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