Everyday Life

Happy Birthday!

It’s my birthday today! Hurrah!

Except not really, since it was also my birthday in August. Confused? I’m not, but many people are. The information is top secret, even though my trusted friends keep telling other people that today is my birthday and then explaining why I have two birthdays. It’s fine, but the closer I get to possibly applying for citizenship, the less fine it stays.

My actual birthday, my favorite birthday, goes uncelebrated for the most part. On Facebook, everything is August 24 and all my rewards come on August 24 and amazing County Market store managers give me free wine on August 24. Nothing is outwardly special on this most beloved birthday. 

My family is absolutely horrible with birthdays–my mom has to call all her brothers and remind them of someone’s birthday, usually. She doesn’t normally do that for my birthday. My friends also forget that it’s my birthday since it’s not on Facebook. I think my grandparents remember, but it doesn’t look like they’re making the connection this year. I spoke to my grandma this evening and she told me I needed to start dating people… nothing about the birthday. 

But still. I’m now 24 years old in all aspects. I am going to celebrate by taking Shauny to Lou Malnati’s for some Chicago-style pizza (with less cheese, per his request) and eating all the carbs and fatty, delicious goodness that I want (I’m still on my restricted diet, but it has, apparently, taken a break this week). I have my awesome haircut that I’m in love with. I have enough lip-care to last me to the end of forever, and eventually my family will remember it’s my birthday. I’m feeling pretty good right now.

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