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You go, me!

Today, I accomplished a goal. It’s a very small goal, but a goal nonetheless.

As a part of my… PCOS guideline, I am supposed to cut out any sugar that doesn’t come from fruit and reduce my carbohydrates AND exercise everyday. That last one is quite difficult for me. My gym is not close. My gym is a designer gym made for skinny people and men with muscles. Therefore, as a fat lady with no muscles to speak of, I am not always comfortable going there. You ask, why did you join the gym then? Because my friend is a member of the gym and because they had a sign in front that said “$19.99/month, no initiation fee!” How could I resist that? Of course, my mother and I didn’t take that deal, but the monthly payments are still much cheaper than the gyms near my house and it offers more benefits.

Anyways, going to the gym every single day, in and of itself, was daunting. My friend is incredibly hard to motivate, my other friend barely has time to zumba every Tuesday, and my mother and I have opposite schedules, which means that I would have to go to the gym alone. That has yet to happen, but, fortunately, that’s not my goal.

My goal is to go to the gym/do gym-like stuff consecutively, as in go one day and then go the next, like I’m supposed to. I went to the gym yesterday and I went to the gym today. I feel accomplished. It might be too early to celebrate, since it’s only 2 consecutive days, but I’m going to celebrate anyway. Huzzah, me. Huzzah.

Next goal: use the weight machines every other gym session… per doctor’s orders.

This one might never be reached. That area is teeming with buff men that I know are judging. The haters.

3 thoughts on “You go, me!

  1. Good job! Baby steps is all that it takes – soon enough your work out will be your warm up, so keep it up! Oh, about those weight machines… girl, I know exactly how you are feeling! When I first started working out, I would get so intimidated by all the male buffness that was happening around the weight machines and I would steer clear of those machines, BUT one day I finally braved it and swallowed all of my embarrassment and walked over to a weight machine. I’m not going to lie, I was a bit nervous (OKAY, I was extremely nervous), but honestly I feel like I receive more respect from guys now that I handle my own on “their” machines. I challenge you to hit up the weight machines and tell us all about it 🙂 You can do it!

  2. You can do the weight machines! You’ll feel total badass! And then one day you’ll be in there, and you’ll see a guy on a machine and laugh because you can do twice what he is

  3. Hi there! Good luck with everything! I will say, the first few weeks of constant working out are the hardest, but after that your body will feel so much better, all you’ll want to do is work out (at least that’s how it was for me). I have PCOS and did a similar program, but found I actually was working out too much, so I cut back to every other day. I bulk up very easily due to the high amounts of male hormones, so I found that I needed to do more cardio(zumba for the win!) than strength conditioning. However, I’ve hit a stall with the weight loss so I’m considering going back to ever day. Oh, and consider some power yoga (not the calm, stretchy kind but a strength/cardio mix. It REALLY helps muscle conditioning -I recommend Jillian Michaels)

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