Everyday Life · New Year's Resolutions

New Years Resolutions

I’ve been online MIA for a long time now. I took my LSAT and then I spent most of my time in my basement catching up on my tv shows… because I’m an unemployed slacker. Now, I am back on the web (or at least to reality) and taking stock of my situations and environment. So just for giggles, I’m going to post my 2014 Resolutions list and hope that I can reach at least one of the goals.

1. Obey the commands of my doctor (because I’m too young to have diabetes… boo).

2. Eat more vegetables, because they’re good for people and I need a little more green in my life.

3. Stop being so prickly upon meeting new people. Apparently that can be off-putting.

4. Go to law school. This might be a cop-out, but at least I’ll reach one of my goals 🙂

5. Be nicer to my friends because I can be prickly to them too.

6. Be less messy. Every two weeks I look around my room and I can’t tell the difference between my clean clothes and my dirty clothes and I can’t see my floors. It’s not just my room either, but my lair (the basement) which will also have my clothes and blankets strewn about. My mother still says that she knows I’ve been in a room because it looks like a tornado has run through it. It’s amazing how one person can create that much mess.

7. I read three books in 2013. I would like to read four books cover to cover in 2014. Don’t make fun of my small number goals. I have a short attention span.

8. Get my ears pierced.

9. Clear out my closet as much as possible because hoarding clothing is no bueno.

10. Quisas tomar un clase de espanol…? O uma de portugues?

Getting a job isn’t there… because I don’t want to go back to work ever. Unfortunately, I have to get a job to pay for things like the student loans that are no longer going to be deferred. Oh, post-grad life.

What about everyone else’s New Year’s Resolutions?

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