Everyday Life

Stuttering Start

I posted my resolutions list before and now pretty much all of those goals seem further and further away than ever. I got my LSAT score on Thursday and the results were… less than satisfactory. I didn’t expect to do great the first time, but I didn’t expect to do as badly as I did. Every time I even think of the score I get really sad. 

Obviously, I have registered to take the test again in February. It will be my last chance in order to apply for the fall and I will probably be a bigger mess than I was last time. Also, I am crushed and drowning in self-doubt. I’m trying to overcome it and get myself started on studying for my test, but it’s so hard. I’m not super disciplined, I’m not a great reader, and as far as logic… it’s not my strong point. With all this, I’m starting to wonder if I should even apply to law school, if it’s too late to make myself into the person I need to be in order to follow my dreams, or if I should just change my dreams.


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