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On my Law School Admissions Test

Hey Blog,

I am very behind on my blogging plans. I have three entries that I want to write—and before I forget, I’m going to list them all.

  • My LSAT (this one!)
  • My new old job (I’m a working girl for the month of February)
  • My childhood book that people don’t think exists in real life.

This entry is going to focus on the LSAT. For those that have been reading for a while, which are not many—which I’m perfectly okay with (let’s face it, I complain a lot, post sporadically, and have some pretty depressing content on here at times). Anyways, I took the LSAT in December and I was very upset with the score I received, so I re-took it in February, specifically, last Saturday (Feb. 8th).

I was far more prepared.

1. I finished all my books and I took practice exams before the exam (last time, I finished one of the books and partially started the other two and did one practice exam the night before).

2. I spent the night before getting all my paperwork together (last time, I was scrambling to get everything together the morning of—like… I printed out my admission ticket on the way to my exam at my church and stole the church secretary’s tape dispenser… I was running late).

3. This time, I only took five pencils instead of fifteen.

4. I bought a proper pencil sharpener (last time, my pencil sharpener didn’t have a catcher, so the pencil shavings got all over my exam, those sum bitches).

5. I was not sick (last time, I was ill—quite ill).

I was far more prepared, so, in theory, the exam should have gone better than the last one. I mean, I already had one exam under my belt and all these different things happened that could really only improve the experience.

Anyways, drove all the way down to the testing location and managed to get the exact same parking spot that I got last time. It was a great parking spot. I walked inside and gave them my name and… much to my horror, the welcoming party said that I was in a different room than before—a smaller room than before.

This was my fear.

I had horrible testing experiences based solely on the room I was in. When I took the ACT, I had to take it three times. Why? The first time, I was in a public school with the desk-chairs and Chipotle on my mind (people who tested that day, as well as the seniors who got a half day, got free Chipotle after the exam). The second time, I was in the most uncomfortable chair ever, ever, ever. I would be bent over my test and my head would tap the back of the person in front of me. That being said, the desk-chairs ran small and I was miserable. My score dropped two points lower. So I took it a third time and I got my own long table at the perfect height with all the elbow and head space I needed. Increase of two points from my original score—increase of four points from my second score.

So the testing desk and room was very important to my testing quality of life.

Also, the proctors confiscated my headband, which also was bad news (I am a hair puller so I purposely did not bring a hair tie). My hair was just loose and in the way and it was hot under there.

I could adjust to the room change, but I like the room I was in the time before, which I just barely missed the cut-off for. That one was perfect. This room still had the long tables instead of desk-chairs, so it was manageable.

For the first two sections of the exam.

It was after those two sections that I realized two things. My back was dying. Absolutely dying. See, the table was a little too low for the chairs and the chairs were not adjustable. It put my back in hell. Second thing I realized: THE FIRES OF HELL WERE IN THAT ROOM. It was so hot! The room, again, was small. During the exam, the doors are shut. It has been a harsh and terrible winter in the Midwest, so the heat was actually on in the building. Small room, with blasting heat, and no ventilation meant a sauna. It was a sauna in that room and saunas have always made me uncomfortable (I don’t sweat in saunas).

I cannot discuss the exam because I wrote out this agreement and all this fancy stuff, but the test itself did not start out great. There is an experimental section on the exam which is ungraded (thankfully) and it can be in any one of the three types of questioning (reading comprehension—not as easy as it sounds, logical reasoning—the hell spawn that never goes away, analytical logic or… whatever… it’s the logic games i.e. even Hercules couldn’t win that shit). This experimental section (at least I hope it was the experimental section) was in my weakest area and it was monstrously hard. So. Hard.

The thought that still kills me inside is that it might not actually be the experimental section. UGH.

Otherwise, it was so hard to focus during the exam. I was sitting right in front of the proctor and every time he would make an announcement, he would scare the living crap out of me. I lost twenty seconds trying to recover each time. Time is precious during the LSAT, by the way. Time has always been my arch-nemesis. I had difficulty making time the last LSAT and difficulty this LSAT… more difficult this time because, despite all my practice exams, I was reading very slow… and unfocused.

So, to sum up the entire LSAT… booooooooooooooooooooooo. But I still hope for the best. In my mind, it all balances out.

Also, it took me forever to get home and I almost died twice.

Welcome to my life.

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