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Couch to 5K

About two weeks ago, my friend asked if I would be willing to jog with her on this trendy fitness program, the couch-to-5K, which is an app. I have no idea how she found it. This app demands that you exercise 3 times a week for half an hour and you alternate between walking and jogging for different intervals over a period of 9 weeks. My friend and I don’t run. We don’t jog. We are so deep into the couch, we are the couch. So we plan to do it for ten weeks so that we can have one week of getting into the hang of things, like… actually jogging for all of the one-minute intervals instead of doing three and then cutting the time down to 30 seconds.

I cannot emphasize it enough–we are not runners or joggers of the sort.

So last week was the start of that. I woke up at the ass crack of dawn to drive over to her subdivision so that I could participate in a fitness app that required jogging. Generally, I avoid the fitness apps and I avoiding jogging. So, it was a great start to a Monday morning.

We walked. We jogged. We walked again and repeated. We avoided the bus stops, since we were running around at a time when people were taking their small humans to school. We avoided the busy roads because we were two fat girls that couldn’t jog. Overall, it was a decent experience.

I’m not completely clear on the details of the Couch25K, but I know the first week (the first two weeks in our case) is a 5 minute brisk jog, one minute of jogging, one minute of walking, repeat 8 times. On the last walk, it is a minute and a half and then a 5 minute cool down. It seems pretty tame, but we have truly felt the burn.

We started off doing 3 of the minute-long jogs and then doing the rest of the jogs for only 30 seconds. As of today, we have done 7 of the 8 minute-jogs. Our mileage has increased as well. We’re feeling pretty good—but mostly afterwards.

I am apparently the best person to do it with because I, apparently, make such a fool of myself that my partner feels much less a fool. Surprisingly enough, I’m okay with that and it makes me happy. I don’t mind being the comedic relief. I take the job with pride. Either way, I find jogging much easier when I’m singing along to a song and dancing at the same time. It’s invigorating.

I’ve been feeling pretty good since it started. I’m awake in the mornings, which is always good. So far, I’m good. I’m in a good place.

3 thoughts on “Couch to 5K

  1. I did couch to 5K! You’ll be amazed at yourself, the first couple weeks feel like torture, and then there’s a week where you’re like yeah alright, I can do this, right before things really kick into high gear and you’re like no way will I be able to do this, and then you do, and you’re crazy amazed and proud of yourself!

    1. Yeah, I’m in the third week right now and I saw what was going to happen next week. I wanted–I still want–to die. I’m lucky I can get through this week at all!

      Did you see any results after doing it?

      1. ahaha yeah I remember freaking out to my friend about my coming runs and she was just like, you got this! And you do!

        Definitely massive improvements in my endurance, I’m a swimmer, and it really helped my speed a lot in the pool! I feel like it slimmed my legs down. I technically never finished it, I got to the second last week, I did the distance version so I did 4.4km and when I went to do my first 4.8km run I started feeling achiles pain so I was off running for 3 weeks pretty much to let it heal, did a couple short runs to see how it went in there. So I kind of dropped the plan since I couldn’t really jump right back into where I left off. But I did 4.5km the other day so next week I’ll finally be at 5k 🙂

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