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Let’s Talk About Hormones

Because that’s what my life has been focusing on for a long time. As I have mentioned to, probably, everyone I come into contact with, I have PCOS, polycystic ovaries, and it sucks. I was put on birth control and a super horrible diet change that quickly fell to crap once my life started stressing me out (because let’s face it, in the war of law school vs. food dieting, law school wins).

I’ve been dealing with it. I’ve started following it again. I started the Couch25K hell-horror. However, I was in pain. The birth control pill, while keeping my period nice and tame, made my entire body ache. My ovaries were killing me. I had shooting pains, tightness, pulling in my arms and in other parts of my body. My nerves went haywire in my hands and legs and I had muscle spasms. Not to mention the emotions. There was so much more emotion in my life. I felt my feelings in the extreme. In retrospect, I realize that I should have gone to my doctor regardless of my failure at following her rules, but I didn’t.

Instead I went to an entirely different doctor that my mom had been trying to get me to visit for a year. She is a general doctor that specializes in hormones and natural medicine, which is nice. She took me off of the pill and gave me a diet change that resembled the paleo diet. Actually, it is the paleo diet. I’m so enthused. She also prescribed me a cocktail of twice-a-day pills that are supposed to help me.

I could barely take my birth control pill, but–yeah, sure, let’s make me take three pills before each meal and two pills after each meal and then the progesterone on the 14th day of my cycle for 10 days–because that’s totally manageable.

It probably is manageable, but I’m a mess and even showering daily is a task for me. I did manage to take the progesterone, only because it was a pretty good sleeping aid…

I have been off the birth control pill since June 10 and since then, my hair has fallen out all crazy-like, my face has broken out in zits and pimples everywhere, my headaches have decreased (weirdly enough–that came before the birth control pill), I feel less crazy in my head, and I have deflated from the pill weight. So… it’s 3-2 right now.

I’m adjusting to all this. I’m not good at following the rules and I don’t think I have taken my pills in three days. However… I’m trying to work on it.

Also, I learned the uterus is flat. Crazy.

– M.

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