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New Year, New Start!

I don’t know about everyone else, but last year was certifiably one of the worst years I have ever experienced. There were many deaths in the family, my community, people that I’ve known since I was little… and so much heartache in every other aspect. I’ve been waiting for 2015, my fresh start.

Many people do not do New Years resolutions. I am probably the only one in my office that does resolutions–everyone else says that they never actually follow through on the resolutions, so why bother? However, I am all over that business. I need my resolutions.

See, it’s easy to lose sight of what’s important to you, especially as the year picks up, everyone gets out of the holiday mood, and the dark side of reality starts to overwhelm you. Those resolutions are a snapshot of what you know you are capable of doing from the most optimistic time of year (at least for me).

I can only speak for myself, but no day fills me with more hope and courage and determination (a rare feeling for me) than the night of New Year’s Day. On that night, I lay in bed and think of everything that lies ahead of me and how I can do everything I put my mind to… but I have to keep the faith and focus. I make my list and I commit that list to memory. The rest of the year goes towards doing as much as I can off that list. Last year didn’t go so well, but so what???? That officially doesn’t matter anymore. It’s officially 2015. It is the year that I am going to law school. It’s the year that I redo my bedroom. It’s the year that I set out what I need to do. This year 2015 is what I make it from this point forward.

And that is why I make New Years Resolutions.

With that in mind, I would like to post my New Years Resolutions. I have it posted on my wall so that I have a daily reminder and I am saying/posting them on every platform I use to communicate so that I never forget what I’m working towards, so that I don’t forget the big picture.

~Marcie’s New Years Resolutions~

1. Work out regularly
I feel as though this doesn’t need an explanation…

2. Go to law school
This is the year I achieve the dream.

3. Redo my bedroom
Because Playful Pool and yellow walls are not adult

4. Start vlogging
Many of you may or may not know that I have a YouTube channel with my friend.
We have been posting videos back and forth through our long-distance friendship.
Since its inception, I find myself wanting more and more to do videos of my own.
I just need to find out what I could video blog about…

5. Write on the blog more
Because I only write 5 posts last year and most of them were whiny.
Also, writing is a tool that should be utilized constantly.

6. Be more up-to-date on current world and domestic events
I feel as though a political science major should know more about the world than the average person.

7. Read at least 4 books this year
Last year I bought four books.
I didn’t read a single one of them and I had many excuses.
This year, no excuses. I need to read for my own betterment.

8. Be nicer to people

9. Learn an instrument
Either the bass or the guitar, but it has to happen.

10. Photography
This is more open ended, mostly because I want to explore what I would want to do
with it in the first place. I love photography, especially film photography, but I never
had much of a chance to play around with it. This year I want to do more with my camera
and develop photography skills.

11. Get U.S. Citizenship
My application is completed. My passport pictures are taken.
I have taken copies of my green card. I just need to find the $ 680.00 to do it.

I know that this list feels underwhelming–much of it is making myself actually do certain things. But I think that’s been my problem for the last 25 years. I am constantly reevaluating myself and how I approach people, problems, and different situations. However, very rarely do I do anything about it. I have a problem making myself actually do what I want to do. So yes, much of my list is doing things, but if I can do half the things on this list, I’ll have so much to be proud of. It would be the year I finally got off my ass and put effort into the things I want, rather than passively try and fail to get what I want.

So happy new year to everyone! I wish everyone the best of luck and hope you, too, can keep the faith. With or without resolutions.


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