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I haven’t been blogging. I always want to and I always sit down to start, but I never have anything to say. Expressing myself has never been that much of a strong suit. Most of the time, my words come out in a messed up, disorganized, simplistic mash of letters. Most of those letters being “uuuuuuuuuuhhhh.”

My last writing was in February and I did a shallow post on guilty pleasures. It’s shallow because those were superficial guilty pleasures and because it didn’t delve into personal issues or have any other kind of further meaning. It’s not a bad thing, at least not to me. At the time, I just wanted to write a post and that was what came to mind. It’s not much different from the post I’m writing right this second, since I’m still in that realm of not knowing what to say. Tonight, I’ve decided to give a little update on what’s been happening in MarcieLand.

So, 3 big events are all happening right now… kind of. The first event is the adoption of a brand new dog! I’m not sure how many know, but my family had to put down one of our puppies last year. He was the family favorite, our little Kingston. He’d struggled with diabetes and it was heartbreaking to see him suffer the way he did, especially the last day. He was so sick…

After we put him down, we were left with Lana, who is “my dog.” I put it in quotations because she is not my dog. She was intended to be my dog, but she ended up becoming my mom’s dog after I went to college for 4 years. I can’t blame her. However, Lana wasn’t very affectionate. She liked her space and she wasn’t the cuddly kind, like Kingston. That dog left a deep hole in my mother’s heart. She missed him (and she still does, truly). She wanted a dog that we could cuddle with, that liked to play and be pet and held. I actually didn’t want another dog. I knew we weren’t going to find another Kingston and I knew that it would be hard getting Lana to get along with another dog and it would be hard for me to deal with a “Kingston replacement.” So I was perfectly content keeping Lana, our lovely corner dweller (she loves to curly up into a ball and sleep in the corners).

I’ll leave out the story of the dog we almost adopted and jumpt straight to December 22. On that date, my friends/roommates were all having a reunion. One of my friends came over with her foster dog, Starling. Starling who could barely walk around because of leg surgery, Starling who was a big cuddle monster. Starling, who was a big headed, clumsy, 60 pound pitbull. It was love at first sight for me, but the head of the household, Mama Sanchez, still needed to approve. She had two counts against her:  she was a shedder and she wasn’t a schnauzer, but I was confident that my mom would like her and at least entertain the thought of her.

Mama Sanchez liked her. But she still wanted her schnauzer.

One day we went to an adoption event with Second City Canine Rescue. My mom wanted to adopt this small schnauzer mix. Lo and behold, Starling was one of their rescues. As soon as I saw that sweet face, I grabbed my mom’s attention and redirected it all towards that clumsy love bug. One home visit later, we had a new doggie. Starling, our pitbull. Nothing like a schnauzer, but she is extremely affectionate, extremely loving, and very playful. Much like Kingston, she does not know what size she is. For some reason, this dog seems to think she fits on a human lap. She also seems to think she’s half the weight she really is. She also doesn’t know how to stop and has no spatial reasoning. It’s adorable. I could talk forever about my girl.

Ignore the strand of hair ruining the whole picture. Thanks!

That’s one biggie. We adopted her on January 17, 2015. She’s been changing our lives and demanding our attention ever since. We love her. But rest assured, my mother will still be getting her schnauzer.

Another life event: I am applying for citizenship! I still have about six months to go in the whole process, but it is going! I sent in my application in February and I recently had my biometric fingerprinting appointment. Now I just need to study for the interview and hope there are no other problems. It’s pretty exciting. I didn’t think I would be this excited about the whole process, but it makes me feel really good. I am about to become a U.S. Citizen. I’ll be able to vote and participate in all these things that political science majors should be participating in! I’ll no longer have an excuse to not know who political candidates are! I will no longer have to fill in that additional box marked A# (alient registration number, for all you non-immigrants). I will no longer have to go into a panic when I can’t find my green card! I’ll be able to do so many more things without fear of how it’ll affect my immigration status. I don’t usually do things that would impact my status, but you always worry in the back of your mind… AND I WON’T HAVE TO DO THAT ANYMORE.

It’s all pretty exciting.

The last big life event is that I am also in the process of applying for law school. Despite having passed two deadlines, one of them being today, I have yet to actually submit an application. I have run into more roadblocks and issues than I did when I was playing eenie-meenie-minie-mo with my undergrad colleges. I could go into a five thousand word rant about the whole process and how it’s made much harder by the Admissions Council… but I won’t. It is what it is and I have to keep focused on getting into school, not getting angry about how hard it is to get into school. For all those interested, law school, just applying to it, is not for the weak and lazy. It is pretty stressful and difficult, especially when you take a late LSAT and have lawyers (or really busy people) doing your letters of recommendation.

However, I am keeping the faith. As soon as my transcript is processed, it is application time!

So, there you have it! A life update. Some pretty big things have happened/are happpening. I’m very excited for all of it. Like I said, 2015 is the year, a great year.

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