New Year's Resolutions

Resolutions Update: 1st Quarter

So, I made a big hubaboo about my resolutions this year. I put a lot of thought into them. I kept them reasonable and, compared to my usual list, kept them short. It is now a quarter of the way through the year and I thought that I’d check in on them and see how the progress is going.

SPOILER ALERT: It is not going all that great.

1. Work out regularly
I have been to the gym once since I’ve made this resolution. It was in January. I went to yoga, which kicked my butt. Although, my mom and I have been debating canceling our membership because we just don’t go. Ever. When it gets warm, I prefer to run outside with the puppies, she prefers to walk the puppies–and the puppies enjoy it too! She’s always too busy and I’m always that lazy. So that’s all up in the air. Now that’s it’s starting to warm up, I will pick up running again and I am planning on getting a bike (since both of my jobs are a mile away from my house…).

2. Go to law school
This is still a work in progress, but I’m farther along than I was last year, which is the year I didn’t go to law school.

3. Redo my bedroom
This is a summer project. I’ve painted in a room when the windows wouldn’t open. I will never go back there.

4. Start vlogging
I am still planning on this! The problem is that I’m swamped with work and law school apps. Also, I’m afraid of law school admissions sneaks sneak sneaking onto the YouTube channels with my face on it.

5. Write on the blog more
I did this!!!! I’m doing it right now! This is the second consecutive week that I’ve written on this blog. I’m proud of myself. I did this one!

6. Be more up-to-date on current world and domestic events
I tried this. It made me sad. That whole boko haram thing and the ISIS and the everything… This is half done. I have to get reacquainted with the cruel reality of the world again before going back to steadily reading it.

7. Read at least 4 books this year
I’m working through one right now. It’s about law school essays, but it’s a book!

8. Be nicer to people
CONTINUES TO BE THE CONSTANT STRUGGLE. I think I’ve successfully been gentling my tone, which is a huge improvement for anyone that’s ever held a conversation with me. I’m still trying. I’ve gentled my tone, but I was also playing Risk with a group of people and completely cussed out a friend that kept trying to take South America away from me. It was bad… like… lots of f-bombs. So, you get some, you lose some.

9. Learn an instrument
I have inquired into this. My mom said she won’t teach me until I grow out my nails. It’s proving to be an extremely hard task right now with the stress.

10. Photography
I am still trying to figure out what to do with this. All I’ve done so far is shop around for DSLRs… priorities.

11. Get U.S. Citizenship
Still a work in progress, but I am two steps ahead of where I was when I wrote out my resolutions!

Overall… there’s still room for progress. I’m very happy that I’ve successfully moved foward in any of these resolutions. Many people make resolutions and never go back to them. I wanted to make these resolutions and complete them!

I hope everyone else’s resolutions are also going well! Even if they’re not, you still have the rest of the year. It’s only March! So much time remains to do what you want to do with yourself.


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