New Year's Resolutions

Resolutions Update: 3rd Quarter

Happy day to all!

It is time for yet another New Year’s Resolutions update!  Who’s excited?!  ME!!  I love doing these.  Partially because it’s an easy post, but also because I get to think of all the things I’ve done.  I’m even more excited about this post because I actually get to cross things off today!  Let’s just drive right in and get to the crossing out part!

1. Work out regularly
… Now that I am back on campus and live two blocks away from the gym, I should really be much better at this.  However, I am much more active!  I walk over a mile every day to the law school.  I also live on the second floor and the stairway is kind of steep so… some points?

2. Go to law school

3. Redo my bedroom
I rearranged my bedroom earlier this year.  I changed it back, but it did change… I know the goal is to paint it, but now I’m in Champaign and it’s a little harder to do.

4. Start vlogging
I posted a video to my Ghee Funk page!  I did it a few weeks ago, but it was done!  As far as my personal vlogging goal, it’s still a work in progress.  Any tips from people that do have vlogs?  I don’t even know how to get started…

5. Write on the blog more
I’m calling it. Really.  This year, I have written on this blog more than the year before (and probably the year before that).  I have completed this task.

6. Be more up-to-date on current world and domestic events
I apparently still can’t do this.

7. Read at least 4 books this year
I’m still working through “Lipstick Jihad.”  It’s much harder now that I have so much reading to do here.

8. Be nicer to people
This one is so hard.  I get so grumpy sometimes…

9. Learn an instrument
I will be playing guitar at my friend’s wedding next year, so I should really get on task for this.

10. Photography
Yes, that requires time.

11. Get U.S. Citizenship
On June 16, I became a U.S. Citizen.  I changed my name.  As of last week, I officially finished all the steps involved in finalizing that name change.  I’m also a registered voter, yay!  I’m coming for you 2016 Presidential Elections!!!!

Three out of eleven isn’t so bad.  Usually I can’t complete any of my resolutions.  I’m really trying to stay true to these resolutions.  They’re all things I really want to do, but never complete.  It’s mostly due to laziness and being grumpy.  Those are two things that I really want to strike out of my life!

Hopefully the next (and final) check-in will have some major changes.

Thanks for reading!


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