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On Lessons from My Roommate

Happy Halloween to all!

But this post has nothing to do with Halloween, except that I am writing this whilst pre-gaming alone because I have no friends (jk, but really).

I have probably never mentioned this before, but I have a boy roommate this year.  I’m still working on a nickname for him.  Nice kid, good person, likes fizzy water.  We ended up living together through my roommate listing on the “Admitted Students” site.  He responded.

Now, I have lived with a male before.  His name was Shaun, aka Shauny and we’re still in contact.  I figured it would be similar.  But oh, how wrong I was.

First lesson.  Guys really do casually talk about sex.  Yesterday, before he traveled away for the weekend, we were discussing whether or not women could really actually do “falsetto.”  He provided some real life examples of a woman in falsetto… his girlfriend.  I told him to get out of my apartment (because I am mature).  This is not the first incident of such conversation–in fact, it’s the third.  There’s nothing explicit in these conversations.  But I only speak to two people about sex and they’re both my closest, bestest friends… not my boy roommate.

Second lesson.  Some people–some guys–automatically think you’re cool when they find out that you live with another guy all casually and the like.  Girls are always like, “Is it weird?” But guys are like, “Really? That’s so cool!”  Regardless, you are leveled up in the eyes of your peers.  While I say the opinions of lesser people, like your peers, are irrelevant… it still feels pretty good to be leveled up in any situation.

Third lesson.  The Packers.  I will never cheer for the Packers (for various reasons, one of them being the Packers logo toaster my roommate forced on our apartment and that now sets of his smoke detector every time I use it).  However, because of my roommate, I could understand why someone would… even though they’re from the Chicagoland area.

Fourth lesson.  Tagging/Labeling your food.  I had to put my name on my carrots this week.  My roommate and I both enjoy carrots as crunchy snacks.  Unfortunately, I never got to enjoy my last bag of carrots because my roommate ate them.  Despite the fact that he bought a brand that’s drastically different from mine (much more fancy-looking), mine were organic (and probably more expensive, let’s face it).  In all my roommate situations, I have never had to label my food.  We all just knew.  Maybe that’s a girl thing or maybe it’s one of his gaps.  But that mistake won’t happen again.  He can now eat his poison bougie carrots, secure that they’re not mine and I’ll have reason to actually get pissed if he does eat mine.

Fifth lesson.  Letting go.  My roommate steals my grapes every time he opens the fridge.  This may seem like a non-issue to someone that is a bigger person than me.  However, those grapes were expensive and I am poor.  As soon as he confessed, I was about to flip a frisbee.  But then… why?  He takes a grape.  Yeah, okay.  It’s a whole bag of grapes and I wouldn’t have even noticed if he hadn’t said anything.  I’m glad he did say something because it makes me feel better, but… there was no point in flipping anything because he took some grapes.  For anyone that knows me, letting this issue go is a huge thing.  I’m still in shock that I laughed and joked afterwards (five years ago, one of my roommates took my coffee once and I have yet to forgive her for it).  Boy roommate taught me a very important and valuable life lesson.

Okay, that’s enough. If my roommate ever saw this, he’d probably be really weirded out.  Thankfully, we are only connected on the Facebook, which is one account this blog does not post to. 🙂

Have a happy and safe Halloween!!


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