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When I Grow Up

While I have not been posting on WordPress, I have been on it!  I read the blogs of the people I follow and it’s usually my only human reprieve!

I was looking through my drafts on here and I found this jewel.  It’s from earlier this year.  I could not have thought of a more imperfect/perfect time to happen upon it.  I am right on the precipice of finals and I feel like I’m drowning.  This post is a good reminder and motivator.

Things can’t be easy… or else everyone would do it, right?

Enjoy and wish me luck on finals!

I’ve always wanted to be a veterinarian. I’m not gonna lie–being a vet and working with animals was my dream come true. There was always a right and wrong answer, you get to pet the dogs and kitties, and you can make a pretty decent amount of money for it. When I went to college, I went to a school that was known for its music and biology program because I was gonna be a vet.

Obviously, that didn’t pan out for various reasons. Science is a requirement for biology and animal science and I was not a big fan of it. Also, biology is a big component and I was, apparently, not very good at biology. It was the one time my self-preservation jumped in and said, “Maybe this isn’t the wisest course of action.”

I dropped the biology major and decided political science was the one for me. Not because I liked political science, technically. Late into the major I realized that political science is the study of war and more wars (at least in my focus). Regardless, I did like it enough. If I could go back in time, I would choose a different major, but that’s inconsequential.

If anyone has read back on my posts from last year or maybe the year before (definitely last year), then they know that I have been going through some academic/professional angst. Was law school really what I wanted to do? Would I even make it through? Was it worth it? What the hell would I even do as a lawyer? Do I have a long term plan? Is there something that I would rather do instead of lawyering?

That last question messed me up. Of course there are things I’d rather do than lawyer. Being a lawyer sucks! You have nightmares in the middle of the night about a pretrial the next day, you have to deal with angry/crying clients who don’t know what your job really is, you have to make collections calls for attorneys fees, you have to drive–so much driving, and you have to wear suits (depending). It’s a horrible job. As a paralegal, you do a bit less than the attorneys… and it sucks. By extension, being a lawyer sucks. I can think of a million other things I would rather do than be a lawyer. Like be a millionaire’s housewife, stay a paralegal, do something with my political science degree, work for the federal government (state government is garbage, don’t do that), or become an aimless wanderer.

Literally, anything that’s less hard and more gratifying.

While any of those other jobs are great and very tempting, it wouldn’t be the same. Being a lawyer is pretty powerful. You make solid connections in law school and then later on in the bar associations and any practice you go into. With that power you can change things. Not to sound too cliche, but I want to change the damn world. I want to climb up all the ladders and fight for the vulnerable and unrepresented. And I want to be a lawyer.

So yeah, there are better jobs and I still wish I could have been a vet, but I would rather be a lawyer than anything else. I can lawyer.


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