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Marcie’s List of “Christmas” Movies

I am the queen of loving the casual Netflix binge.  My roommate and I have a nice bit about it.  Lately, I have really been trying to get in the season of cheer, despite my looming finals, the lack of Christmas decorations, and the extremely warm weather we’ve been having.  I listen to Christmas music and I watch Christmas movies, when I can.

I love Christmas movies, good and bad.  For the most part, I like them really bad and very cheesy, with acting that is so horrible it can physically hurt.  I’m not sure why but watching them just adds more cheer to my Christmas spirit.  It leaves me light and free of concerns.  I know exactly how every movie will end and I know I’ll enjoy that ending (because I’ve seen it 30,000 times in the other cheesy Christmas movies).

I wanted to make a list of my favorite Christmas movies (some are on Netflix now and others were on Netflix at some point).  I invite everyone to check them out, but to also keep your expectations very low.

1.  Dear Santa (on Netflix now).  I actually thought this was a very sweet movie and the character was relatable… to me.

2. Christmas Kiss (on Netflix now).  This is the movie where the acting is physically painful.  But I watch it at least 3 times every December.

3.  Kinky Boots (on Netflix now).  This is not a Christmas movie… but I directly associate it with snow and Christmas. Also, this movie (and its broadway musical) is amazing.

4.  Love Actually.  My roommate makes fun of how many times I’ve watched the movie this year (and not all of them in December).

5.  Santa Claus is Coming’ to Town.  The claymation one.  That’s is favorite Christmas movie.


– m

PS. This was supposed to be posted two days ago and it somehow ended up in a draft folder. Life’s a mess.



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