About Marcie

Hello! I am Marcie and this is my blog 🙂

I am a college grad, currently in law school (started in August 2015).  I have two dogs and I love them far more than they love me (but that’s okay).  I have my mom, who is my life-saver.  I was born in Dominican Republic, but moved to the US when I was a tiny human.  I studied Spanish in college and then ditched it for Portuguese.  I would still ditch it for Portuguese if there were any classes available to me.  I have a Tumblr, who everyone is more than welcome to check out.  I have a Twitter as well.  I love elephants, dogs, big cats, kittens, music, wine, belgian beers, specific food, scarves, other peoples’ hair, and shiny cameras/cell phones with shiny cameras. I’m pretty sure I love more than that, but those are priority loves.

It may consist of a series of lists, anecdotes, typos and grammar mistakes, half-brained theories, and some “wise” life advice… and complaining.  I have discovered that I can be quite whiny.  While I try to do that less, it’s a personality flaw.  This is a space for me to unload and relax and get my thoughts out and organized.

Please read and leave a comment 🙂 I do so enjoy comments 🙂

Taken Summer 2015
Taken Summer 2015

My face, hair, and my favorite outfit


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